The Misahualli Amazon Lodge located between the Misahualli River and Napo River in the Amazon rainforest, has 200 hectares of primary forest and secondary protected, two natural waterfalls and a giant tree Millennial Pope Pununo. It has 15 cabins and 12 suites ecological composite construction built with materials from the area with capacity for 80 people.

The Lodge offers different excursions such as; a visit to the Community of Shiripuno, Rafting the upper Napo river, hiking and visiting the Animal Rescue, along with many others.  Journey up the Misahualli river, where sandy beaches are completely unspoiled along the tranquil waters of the river or head down the Napo river and find a beach to relax upon and discover many unique places.

See all of what Misahualli Amazon Lodge has to offer:

  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Tennis court
  • 200 hectares of protected forest
  • Nature trails
  • Hidden beaches
  • Waterfall "Hola Vida"
  • The ancient tree "Papa Pununo"
  • A high point "Rumihurco" overlooking the vast jungle