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Yuca, a natural part of everyday Amazonian diet


Yuca, sometimes spelled as Yucca or also known as Cassava, is widely known for its health benefits. A native plant in the Amazonian region of Ecuador, it is often found in native daily diets. Young Yuca leaves potentially benefit strengthening of our bones by stimulating bone cell activity. Leaves also include vitamin-K, which has been established to help treat Alzheimer's disease by limiting neural damage in the brain. As in other roots and tubers, Yuca is free of gluten and can be used in special food diets as part of treatment for Celiac disease. To avoid negative health impacts, it should never be eaten raw.

Many local recipes include; Pan de Yuca, Yucitas Fritas, Steamed Yuca with Salt and is often found as part of soups and stews. 

Harvesting Yuca

Reginaldo is shown in the video harvesting Yuca for the next breakfast to be served at the lodge.