Amazon Classic

The Amazon Classic  tour package includes a variety of excursions to see some of the most popular sites and events that is sure to keep you busy for the time of your stay. Excursions have planned departure times during the morning, afternoon and evening, A minimum of two nights and three days (2N/3D) is recommende...
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Share your discoveries

Have you stayed at Misahualli Amazon Lodge and would like to share your experience? We have now made it easy for you to do so on our blogging page. You can even just login using your Facebook credentials.

From the time your journey started to the day you left, we often hear at our front desk the excitements of your experience. Well to be honest we hear sometimes your disappointments as well but thankfully those are few and far between and that just encourages us more to better ourselves for the next time you or your friends visit. 

Whether you want to share about your stay at the lodge, fun at the pool, great food, tours and adventures, great people you may have met, advice to other on what to bring.. We are sure there is a lot to share. 

Oh lastly, we are looking for some great copywriters to improve our overall website content. Feel free to contact us with a sample of what you can do! 


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